Since 1948, Degrenne has been the essential porcelain specialist. Combining traditional know-how and modern design, our collections are distinguished by their finesse, durability and elegance.

The Excellence of Limoge Porcelain for the industry

5,000 m² of production

Established on 5,000 m², our Limoges factory combines tradition and modernity to produce high quality porcelain. Building on our heritage and know-how, we have all the necessary machines and technologies to guarantee optimal production, meeting the highest industry requirements:

-Isostatic pressing




Qualified Craftsmen

Our team of artisans is divided between the white workshop and the decoration department. Whitemaking experts prepare the raw pieces, while our decorators apply sophisticated chromos, guaranteeing unique, refined and durable creations, with artisanal precision. It is through this alliance of industrial know-how and craftsmanship that we ensure the production of high quality porcelain pieces.

1 Million Pieces per Year

With a production capacity of 1 million pieces per year, we can assure our industrial partners high volumes without compromising quality. Every piece of porcelain we produce reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation in ceramics.

Alfold: Your industrial porcelain partner

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A production capacity of 24,000 m²

Located in Alfold, Hungary, our 24,000 m² facility is dedicated to the production of high quality porcelain. Equipped with the latest technologies and an optimized infrastructure, our factory is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding manufacturers. This vast space allows us to efficiently integrate advanced production processes (white and colored pulp) while maintaining rigorous quality standards.

1,000 Tons annually

In 2023, our production capacity will reach 1,000 tonnes, the equivalent of 3.2 million pieces of porcelain per year. Thanks to our expertise in the field we can produce high volumes without ever compromising the quality of our products.

Dedicated Experts certified ISO 9001

Our success is based on the skills and dedication of our 200 employees. Each employee brings valuable expertise, from specialist technicians to skilled craftsmen, ensuring that every stage of production is carried out with precision and attention to every detail. Their commitment allows us to guarantee the quality of each part produced.

Integrated tailor-made solutions

We understand the importance of meeting the specific needs of each client. It is through this conviction that we are ready to provide you with personalized solutions that adapt perfectly to your requirements.

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To learn more about our capabilities and commitment to meeting your porcelain requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will offer you tailor-made solutions and unrivaled expertise for your projects.